Pivot 2 Profit: Mindset, 3 Things to do now to shift your mindset

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

Before I explored the waters of entrepreneurship strategies, I spent my days assisting families with getting a hold of their finances. Although my clientele consisted of typical middle-class African Americans, I found that the root of their problem was never the money, itself. Their problems resulted from the ways they perceived money. This shed light on an issue that I faced in my own life, pertaining to the way I viewed things. Like many of us, I, too, had grand ideas and plans that fell to the wayside. Instead of focusing on the intangible matters to find a solution, I focused on tangible aspects that I assumed were the reasons as to why my plans didn’t work out. For some of us, focusing on the tangible may involve blaming other people and even particular circumstances. But in reality, the key to problem-solving is to first look within. Once I began to analyze myself and all of the intangible aspects that linked directly back to me, there was a drastic shift in my mindset. Taking control over my life, I soon became more accountable, responsible, and committed to becoming my best self. If you are struggling with feelings of stagnancy and disappointment due to the inability to solve your problems, it is never too late to start afresh. But remember, it all begins with you and how you choose to perceive the matters of life. While this self-disciplinary work is easier said than done, it is definitely worth it in the long run. Here are three things I did that helped me shift my mindset.

1. Prayer and Meditation. Because of baybeee! God has brought ya, girl, through some tough times and I’m sure I’ll encounter some crazy moments again. As I prayed, I would consistently ask God to protect me as my mind expanded. While I never knew what lied ahead of me, I was certain that I did not want to be inflicted by uncomfortable energy, whether it was caused by me or an external factor. I also made sure that I counted every blessing and gave God thanks for each and every one of them. If you are new to the art of prayer, I’d definitely recommend starting off with gratitude, as it cultivates an atmosphere of euphoria. Climbing the ladder of elevation can be filled with intense spells of anxiety and emotional roller coasters. To ease those unwanted feelings while calming my thoughts, I incorporated meditation techniques into my day to day routine. My go-to meditation experts are Shelah Marie (wife of rapper Ace Hood) and Deepak Chopra & Oprah. Shelah produced The Meditation mixtape a few years ago and it is an amazing resource for beginners as well as those looking to make it a habit. Here is the YouTube link it is also available on all streaming platforms. When shifting your mindset meditation helps keep you focused, centered, and grounded when s**t hits the fan.

2. Perspective & Gratitude. Here is the game-changer. Begin to think of ways you can shift your thoughts and sentences. For example, changing your sentence from “I’m stuck at home” to “I’m safe at home.” Sometimes it may be hard to think of the good things when matters seem to be so abundant in the gray area. But it only takes a second to breathe and readjust your lens. Staying rooted in gratitude helps to change your perspective and it also boosts your mood. Understand that exercising gratitude takes practice AND patience. Start and end your day by stating 3 things you are grateful for. If you want to get the entire family involved, perhaps starting a MASTER list that everyone can see in the house. I am living proof that staying grateful will always uncover opportunities and possibilities.

3. Leaning on the Plan & Purpose. One thing that I would first like to stress is the importance of forgiving yourself. For many of us, this may be something new, which can feel difficult and uncomfortable. Some days will look, feel, and be better than others. But the most important things to remember are focusing on your “why” and not comparing your story to others. This will allow you to stand firm in your new mindset. It will also help you to better understand and hone in on your purpose, which will then guide you in your plans for success. For me, this served as a driving force for change because I was constantly reminded of where I wanted to go and the positive things I needed to do to get there. What also encouraged me in this process was my recollection of God’s promises as well as His vision for my life. While being in the valleys and wildernesses of life may have felt dark, lonely, and frustrating, I realized that those were the primary places where God performed His most powerful and transformative works within me; so essentially, I was right where I needed to be in the midst of His plan. A final strategy that I would like to emphasize in regards to the plan, purpose, and a shifted mindset, is the need for support. Having clarity in these trying times is priceless, and what makes it even more rewarding is the presence of an accountability circle. A great, supportive network can be the game changer in your success as you start or pivot your business. So I highly encourage you to vent, brainstorm, and share your crazy business ideas with those who will sharpen you and steer you in the right direction. Don’t ever think you are stuck. You have everything it takes to succeed and you are one step away from everything you want. At this point Sis, you ain’t got nothing to lose.

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