Pivot 2 Profit: Now, its time to implement without going crazy!

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

Many people quit their corporate America jobs to either become full-time entrepreneurs or side hustlers. When I became an entrepreneur, it was to escape everything I hated about the corporate environment: a lack of creativity, top-heavy leadership, too much structure, and systems I didn't understand. However, I later realized that the things we hate about corporate America are the key reasons why it has been so successful, financially. Many entrepreneurs don't see the results they desire because they neglect strategies & systems. Like most, I was stuck in entrepreneurship for a while because I didn't want to implement the things I neglected while working in corporate. I had not thought about transferrable skills; I was just focused on getting out. Take a lesson from me. Whether you are a full-time entrepreneur or a side hustler, always remember to hold onto the skills you learned while working your 9-5 job. Believe it or not, the skills are highly transferable and when implemented effectively, they will drastically improve your business. 

Before we dig into things, let's get something out the way and make sure that you are operating how you want to: living your dreams and no one else's. Let's face it. Sometimes; we are trying to be what family, friends, and society tell us to be, instead of following our own path. Though I talked about what the customer wants in previous posts, you must be operating in your unique desires while running your business. You can still consider other perspectives, but you must stay true to yourself at all times. Sometimes we aren't getting the results we desire because we are unmotivated and out of alignment with our purpose. Go back and read that again.

How to eat an elephant - Though I don't believe in harming elephants, I’d say the best way to eat one, if we had to do so, would be in pieces. Hear me out. Elephants are enormous, beautiful, and untamed, just like entrepreneurship. The best way to conquer entrepreneurship is in parts. I know strategy and systems can be daunting; so that's why you must break it down into small pieces. 

I like doing things in four steps, so I recommend breaking down any strategy into four parts and adding sub-steps under each section. When it comes to implementing systems, think of the top 4 things that keep your business moving. Outline the four main business functions from beginning to end. It's imperative for you to get your processes on paper. Some great systems to start with are financial, client acquisition, hiring, social media, onboarding etc.

1. Time Allotment - We all get busy. However, not having time isn't an excuse. We have to schedule a time to think through and implement new ideas. We have to make time in our calendar, but we must also respect it as we would any other event. I suggest doing the most uncomfortable things first. It's also best to do these things when you are least distracted and during your optimal time of working. A good quick read on this subject is Eat That Frog by Brian Kelley.

2. Delegation - Even though you are a superwoman to many people, you can't do it all, girl. You will become more productive the less you do. Yup, the more you delegate to your team (or freelancers), the more mental space you have to work in your lane of expertise. It can be hard to delegate; that is why it's essential to draft your systems (things you repeatedly do), so you can identify all transferable tasks.

3&4. Evaluate & Pivot - If you try something and it doesn't work, try something else. Sometimes as entrepreneurs, we get nervous about pivoting because we may have been doing something for some time. However, it is best to pivot because you will probably be able to reach your goal faster. Entrepreneurship is a string of failing, failing forward, and failing forward fast. 

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